School Rapper 3 Semifinal | Great performance. Drama before ends

School rapper 3 reach semi final !! There’s 9 contestant who gonna compete for the final 5 spot in this Season Final. There’s a really big drama in the end though ….

School Rapper 3 Semifinal

School rapper 3 Semifinal. It feels like we just start yesterday and now we nearly reach the ends. All 9 contestant gonna show their best performance today to get a spot for the Finals !! There’s only 5 spot available though so prepare yourself because there gonna be a lot of sad story & Drama in this episode.

All 9 contestant on School Rapper 3 Semifinal

  • Tang
  • Blue Whale
  • Young Kay
  • Youngji
  • Aquinas
  • SIga A
  • Lil Tachi
  • Sokodomo
  • Itownkid


Itowndkid ‘Gofidem’ feat Chillin Homie (eliminated)

Itownkid is from Sin & Punishment Crew, a crew made by new Champ. If you remember SMTM 777, there’s a fierce fight Between New Champ & Chillin Homie. Now Seo Mingyu decide to feature with Chillin  Homie. Why ?? Because the diss between New Champ & Chillin Homie is thing of the past and they already in good terms now ~


Lil Tachi ‘Dogsick’ feat NO:EL (Eliminated)

NO:EL is back to School rapper !! After getting eliminated by MNET on School rapper 1 because of off the stage controversy, NO:EL is finally back to School Rapper stage, now already become a well known & Sucessful rapper. Lil Tachi also add his SMTM 777 verse for the start of this track which is really nostalgic.


Bonus : Lil Tachi SMTM 777 Verse



Young Kay ‘Here’ feat VInxen (Eliminated)

When i watch the broadcast i can’t help but shed tears. Kim Minkyu is not in his best health and his voice is really hoarse (barely can speak). But still, Minkyu still perform as hard as he can and try the hardest. All the mentors is amaze by Young Kay perseverance . Minkyu maybe lost the battle but he won our hearts.


Aquinas ‘Yeah Uh’ (PASS)

Aquinas is different. While other contestant have featuring artist and use beat from famous producer, Kang minseo choose to use a beat from his own friend Clay & without any featuring artist. It really does wonder, where the fan chant aquinas name after the stage ended. A really awesome performance.


Make sure to get to know all the contestant & Each team member. If you want to watch full episode of school rapper 3 Semifinal you can watch it HERE


There still more stories to unfold on School Rapper 3 Semifinal. Check out on the next PAGE !!