Jessi I Live Alone 286 287 | Get to Know more about Jessi !!

Jessi appear as a guest on I Live Alone !! Despite lots of negative comment from Korea netizen, Jessi is still Jessi, straightforward & being true to herself. Just one of many reason why we can’t stop loving Jessi.

Jessi I Live alone

Jessi I Live alone 286 & 287. Jessi appear as a guest after Jun Hyunmoo & Han Hyejin take a break from the show after reportedly breaking up. The show is kinda gloomy but Jessi is here to make everyone become energetic again !! Let’s check out Jessi cuts from I live alone ep 286 & 287, there’s much more to learn about Jessi in this two episode !!


Jessi I Live Alone as a guest, Henry also come !!

Jessi is not actually alone in this episode, best friend Henry also come in this episode !! They have a lots of cute interaction between two of them and we can’t get enough of it !!


Bonus : Jessi & Henry cute interaction

Aren’t they the cutest ??



Jessi I Live Alone Quote : Does Swearing make you a bad person ??

Jessi made a lot of great quote in this episode of I Live alone. This is one of the best.




Jessi vs remote control

The struggle ….


Jessi I Live alone mukbang

One of Jessi favorite food is Japchae. Jessi stylist specially bring Japchae for Jessi who eats a lots of it !! Yet, this become one of the scene that got negative reaction from korea netizen. Jessi is unconciously burping at the end but this is a good thing because Jessi actually have an acute Indigestion problem that she already talk in Radio star before.



Jessi Move to a new house. Why ??

Because Jessi have too much clothes !! Jessi storage is not enough to withstand Jessi collection and it become such a mess. She need a new house for all the clothes that Jessi have have been collecting since more than 15 years ago.


Jessi Singing Voice

We all know Jessi the rapper but Jessi also have a golden voice. Check out her covering ‘Gift’ by Yoon Mirae in this scene of Jessi I Live alone !! Jessi voice is just perfect.

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So far, we already learn a lot about Jessi !! There’s still more to come in the next PAGE