Gunhee Aquarium | New track from #Gun of Lowland

#Gun is back !!! Known for his sting on SMTM 5, Gunhee is now back with a new track ‘Aquarium’. This is just a start of busy future activities of Gun & Lowland crew

Gunhee Aquarium

Gunhee Aquarium. #gun from Starship & Lowland crew is back with a new track !! I think many of you curious about what is Gunhee activities nowadays because there’s not much news about him. Gunhee release a track last year ‘Red Light’ with Jhnovr, his fellow Lowland Crew. TMI : #Gun also a fan of One Piece, been busy collect & assembling Action figure recently.


Gunhee Aquarium MV Preview

“beyond glass walls, all that lays is a colossal aquarium. I was always the one spectating you, and never the other way around” Thats the album description of Gunhee Aquarium, a new track which show that he’s not only a fierce rapper that you show on SMTM 5, but also grow into capable R&B artist as well. The track is produced by fellow Lowland Crew member Tsuya.

Beside release his own track, #Gun also feature in Jhnovr new EP titled ‘Mechanism’. They even shot the MV for one of Jhnovr track in Japan !! Thios is another sign that Gunhee & Lowland crew is ready to make lots of noise on 2019, we can’t wait !!

Jhnovr ‘Slot Machine‘ feat #Gun & King Sushi MV


Bonus : #GUN on SMTM 5

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