Shaun Military service | 19 months till Shaun go way back home

1st of April 2019, Shaun decide to enlist to serve his mandatory military service. Before he say goodbye, Shaun left a message on his Instagram. It’s gonna be a goodbye for a while ~

Shaun Military Service

Shaun Military Service. One of the rising artist of 2018, Shaun goes to serve his mandatory military service. The Singer-DJ-Producer from DCTOM suddenly left us a goodbye letter last week. This honestly come as a surprise for lot of people (including me) because we never knew that Shaun havent did his mandatory military service.


Shaun gonna become an Army officer, which take approximately 19 month to fulfill. Slightly shorter than become a police officer like Loco & Hanhae (it takes 22 months as police officer). Shaun was scheduled to be discharged on November, 2020. Shaun add more to the list of artist that goes to military on 2019 like Loco & hanhae.

Fans Say goodbye to Shaun Military service

Shaun military service goodbye letter. For fans


“A lot of things happened in the last few months
There was good things and bad things
A lot of things left and things i wasn’t used to fill my surroundings
In this moment i realized it will be much more valuable for my life to step up instead of hurting
I think that because of this courage, i was able to release my EP ‘Take’ & ‘Annyeong

Because of your guys Love & Trust, i was able to stand back up and stay positive. 
I’m not a perfect person
I had lost confidence in myself but because of the love and trust you guys have shown me, i stand here today eager to fulfill your expectation
Your Love was a truly Beacon of Light in the Dark for Me

April 1st, Eight days from today, I’m going to leave you for a while and join Korean Army to fullfill my national duty.
I was very confused and upset when i first notified of my enlistment date.
However, I never lost my focus and energy at making this concert into something you guys would always remember, even when i’m gone.

That is why i even prepared a songs to release during my time of service so that you guys can be one with my song.
Al thought i wont be here physically,
i sincerely Hope that we can stay connected through melodies and lyrics.
Most importantly though, I hope you stay well
And always remember that i will cherish all the love each one of you have given me and that it will be just a short while until i am back with my music!
Thank you and love you Always, Shaun.”



Shaun Way Back home Acoustic version

Shaun track ‘Way Back home’ become a sensation. Not only in South Korea but also top the charts in several other countries. There’s been rumors of Shaun agency DCTOM did sajaegi for Shaun song because it keep topping the charts. Regardless of the issue, the track is so catchy that the track become one of South korea favorites track, including Yoo Jaesuk favorite’s.


Yoo Jaesuk & Jo Seho jamming to Shaun way back home


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Shaun Military Service. It’s gonna be 19 months till we met shaun again, lets listen to Shaun track while we wait ~ What is your favorite track by Shaun anyway ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!