School Rapper 3 Ep 6 | Great Collaboration stage !!

There’s only 12 contestant left on School Rapper 3. It’s time for Mentor Collaboration stage for this episode of School rapper 3 ep 6 !! Who gonna feature with the contestant ??

School Rapper 3 ep 6

School Rapper 3 ep 6 !!  The sixth episode is a mentor collaboration stage. The contestant from each team will have a featuring from the mentor/special  guest and perform in this episode !! This stage is always a legendary stage where track like Pullik ‘Madmax’ & Chin Chilla ‘Young Waves’ was born last year on School Rapper 2.


School Rapper 3 Ep 6 mentor collaboration stage :

Rules on School Rapper 3 6th episode. Out of 500 votes from the audience, The contestant gonna compete for 8 out of 10 spot. The last 2 team will be eliminated on this episode.


Sandy x pH-1 ‘Im Fine’

GROOVY IS DIFFERENT !! Sandy track ‘I’m Fine’ is a collaboration between producer Groovyroom & APRO (it combine the signature sound of Groovyroom : ‘Groovy everywhere’ & APRO : ‘Apro Is different’ . pH-1 from H1GHRMUSIC is collaborating with Sandy !!


Siga A & Boi B ‘Cowboy’

The track title is inspired by Siga A fashion style in the 3rd episode. But the beat is inspired by Rhythm Power mentor style, Grime !! Grime is still relatively unknown to korea hip hop. Rapper damndef is probably the only known grime rapper beside Rhythm Power in South Korea. We hope Siga A keep going further int he competition and perform more Grime tracks !!


Bonus : Producer Assbrass made the Grime beat for Siga A & Boi B ‘Cowboy’




Pluma & GIST ‘How Are you’ feat the Quiett

Professor Quiett, The Quiett give his insight and teach the kids about music & recording before the stage began. As usual the track is made by Code Kunst while The Quiett also feature in the track yb Pluma & Gist, make everyone put their 1llionaire signs up !!


Lil Tachi & Blue Whale ‘Camouflage’ feat Kid Milli

This is different. Lil Tachi & Blue Whale perform a track made by Producer Coa White (Signature sound : “Kuchi kuchi”). This track is exactly perfect for Kid Milli, but also show Lil Tachi & Blue Whale hidden strength that haven’t been shown in the previous episode. Blue Whale adding ad lib like laughing into the rap and Lil Tachi back to energetic SMTM 777 form is really great.



Make sure to get to know all the contestant & Each team member. If you want to watch full episode of school rapper 3 ep 6. you can watch it HERE


There still 4 more contestant that perform on School Rapper 3 ep 6. Check out on the next PAGE !!