MBC Kill Bill Semifinal | New songs from each contestant

MBC Kill Bill semifinal !! After last episode we saw Cheetah Eliminated, 4 contestant gonna compete for last 3 spot in the final. Who gonna pass ? who gonna be eliminated ??

MBC Kill Bill Semifinal

MBC Kill Bill Semifinal !! The show is scheduled to air for 10 episode but the semifinal it;s on the 6th episode. Having only 7 contestant in the show make the option really limited and it’s hard to get any good clips from the show (there’s barely any editing by MBC). Anyway, enough with the technical stuff because it’s time to see Kill Bill Semifinal Stage performance !!


Bewhy ‘ I WIll’ vs Jessi (Win goes to Final)

Bewhy perform a new song !! Despite Jessi points out Bewhy fatal flaw (predictability & similar rap style), Bewhy still capture the crowd attention with stage performance & charisma. The new song is really fun where the crowd can join in the middle of performance by singing the hook & shouting along to Bewhy.


Jessi ‘Matches’ vs Bewhy (Lose, Eliminated)

Jessi fall into Survival show dilemma. Do you make a touching song or a fun energetic song ?? The audience preference is really important for this, MBC Kill BIll audience seems to prefer fun & energetic song, Jessi made a really great song with Double K but she just finished the europe tour and not in the best condition, really too bad. Just imagine Jessi colaboration with DJ Khaled.



YDG ‘Gangnam Style‘ vs Rhythm Power (Lose eliminated)

YDG once again show a different side of him. Instead of going ‘Old School’ like we all expect, perform a really energetic song with the same title of PSY famous track ‘Gangnam Style’. Yang Dong Geun even dance to ‘Kids These Days’ dance like hammer dance and so on !! This have been a great journey for YDG in MBC Kill Bill.


Rhythm Power ‘reserve force’ + ‘Tarantino‘feat Coogie (Win goes to Final)

Rhythm Power perform two song for this episode !! The first is Grime track that highlight their unique style & the second one is a trendy track with up & coming rapper Coogie !! Both of the track is really awesome, you can’t help to jump around when listen to the tracks.


Dok2 ‘Moon’ with Moon of Million Market

Dok2 is not obliged to perform because he win the previous challenge (perform Hip Hop kkondae feature 10 rapper). Dok2 instead gave a special performance with Moon of Million market !! Dok2 also perform one more song 111 % add gave the audience who come for the show a great performance !!


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What do you think of the performance from MBC Kill Bill Semifinal ?? Which one is your favorite ?? let us know in the comment section below !!