School Rapper 3 Ep 5 | 4 eliminated, 1 with controversy

Last episode, we saw 5 duo (10 contestant) battle each other. In School Rapper 3 ep 5 there’s 3 more duo that gonna compete against each other. 4 rapper gonna say goodbye to the competition in this episode.

School Rapper 3 ep 5

School Rapper 3 Ep 5, the episode where we gonna see a lot of our favorite contestant eliminated from the show. This elimination come as a surprise for the fans, it’s even surrounded by controversy and rumored Evil editing by MNET.


Before we talk more about the elimination, check out the performance from the 2 vs 2 stage !! They all really talented , it’s sad that this gonna be the last performance from them on HSR 3 for some of them.

Artist that already perform : 

  • Aquinas & Siga A (WIN)
  • Sokodomo & Untell (LOSE)
  • Lil Tachi & Hotchkiss (LOSE)
  • Young Kay & GIST (WIN)
  • Tang & Blue Whale (Win)


Goi & Itownkid ‘Cheat Sheet’ (lose) vs Tang & Bluewhale

This is the collaboration that i’ve been waiting for. Goi from NFL Crew & Itownkid from S & P Crew. Both of them been really active making music and perform even thought they’re still young. They even form a great chemistry for their performance !! But not good enough to beat the chemistry of 2 longtime friend from 8zone crew Tang & Bluewhale.



Sandy x Nerdyboi ‘Metamorphosis’ (LOSE) vs Pluma & Youngji

Groovyroom is the powerhouse on School Rapper 2 : Kim Haon, Vinxen, Pullik, Sandy. Now they already lose both of their match and gonna lose 2 more contestant from the team. Sandy & Nerdyboi did their best, they even got advice from Jessi & Woodie Gochild before they perform. It’s just the other team was simply better.



Pluma & Youngji ‘Orange Tree’ (Won) Vs Sandy x Nerdyboi

Arguably the best performance from the 2 vs 2 round. Pluma & Youngji perform with a beat from Code Kunst  The two have a distinct style but that’s the thing that make this duo really interesting. Pluma can sing while Youngji is focusing on powerful rap as always.


Eliminated Contestant

  • Kim Hojin / Hotchkiss
  • Untell / Oh Donghwan
  • Nerdyboi / Kim Hyunseung
  • Goi/ Choi Jinsung

So we lost Kawaii creator, School Rapper 3 official Mascot (according to Code Kunst). We lose talented Goi & nerdyboi who did really well but eliminated in School Rapper 3 ep 5. The highlight of this elimination is Untell / Oh Donghwan elimination that become a big issue in internet forums & netizens.

School Rapper 3 ep 3 teaser

This is the controversy that make many people thought MNET did evil editing. In the teaser for School Rapper 3 ep 3, there’s a scene where Sokodomo mess up his lyrics but it was nowhere to be seen in the actual performance. Does MNET forget that this episode exist ??



Make sure to get to know all the contestant & Each team member. If you want to watch full episode of school rapper 3 ep 5. you can watch it HERE


What do you think about the performance and eliminated contestant in School Rapper 3 ep 3 ?? We gonna keep support the one eliminated today, they really talented and have bright future ahead !!!