MiA Dear | Breakers single feature Breakers friends PENOMECO

MiA comes back with ‘Dear’, a follow up release to her 2018 EP ‘Movie Screen’. A song she performed on Breakers that stole everyone’s heart!

MiA Dear

MiA Dear. One of the contestants of Breakers, a survival music show for singer-songwriters aired on Mnet in 2018. She competed with fellow established musicians such as Samuel Seo, Jooyoung, Colde, and PENOMECO. Although Penomeco wins the final round, other artists that competed in the show also gained a lot of attention and exposure.

MiA Dear'(featuring PENOMECO) MV

A lot of her fans have been asking for ‘Dear’ to be released officially so that it can be available through lots of music streaming platforms. It seems like MiA is granting their wish by finally releasing ‘Dear’.

Listening to ‘Dear’ reminds me of what makes me rooted for her in Breakers. It was her soft breezy voice that could make me feel relaxed instantly whenever I listen to her. I believed in her potential and that she has a lot more to offer in the future. ‘Dear’ is just a warm up. And we also get to listen to PENOMECO’s singing skills!



Though ‘Dear’ has been dubbed as “MiA’s first single”, MiA has already released an EP in 2018 called ‘Movie Screen’. Perhaps it was meant to be her first single in 2019? Or first single off her upcoming album, maybe.

MiA Dear’ Live Performance on Breakers (featuring Eddy Kim)

MiA first performed the song on episode two of Breakers, and PENOMECO’s verse were originally sung by Eddy Kim.


Keep in touch with MiA and PENOMECO by following them on Instagram: @mia.studioblu @penomadeincorea.



Buy and stream Dear’ through Melon, Spotify, and Apple Music.


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