DEAN Dayfly MV | Release the Long Awaited MV !!!

After releasing the video teaser for ‘Dayfly‘ back in November 2018 and the single a few days after that, DEAN finally dropped the MV!

Dean - New MV

Dean Dayfly MV .Back in 2017, Dean announce that there would be a follow up to his 2016 debut EP ‘130 Mood : TRBL’ coming soon. Titled ‘130 Mood : RVNG’, the album is said to be a full length album and it would be most likely a continuation from the previous album. Ever since the announcement, his fans (which he calls as ‘Rebels’) have been excited and been looking forward to what the album is going to look and sound like.

Although it seems like they have to wait for a little longer. Especially knowing that DEAN is a perfectionist when it comes to his music because he really takes care of every process behind a song carefully. As he got flooded by the questions from his fans asking when he would release the album through both his Instagram and Twitter, he took his time to tease them of what they should be expecting by releasing ‘Instagram’ in January 2018 and ‘Dayfly’ in November 2018.

Dean Dayfly MV (featuring Sulli and Rad Museum)

Released on the same day as Sulli’s birthday, the MV itself first shows DEAN being inside a car in the passenger seat. It cuts to Rad Museum playing cards with his friends behind the car, where later they can be seen destroying the car. Though it seems like the car actually isn’t destroyed as DEAN is shown like he is waking up from a bad dream.



Then Dean tunes in to a song that his manager Jeffrey Yoo confirmed is going to be MISO’s upcoming single on the car’s stereo. Later we can see DEAN being underwater with Daniel Caesar’s voice crooning at the background.

The whole Dean Dayfly MV turns out to be confusing to some, and DEAN posted the manual for the MV

Dean Dayfly MV Manual

DEAN – ‘Dayfly’ MV Prologue

The prologue video to the MV was released a couple days prior to the whole MV release, where we can see DEAN playing a video game but then disturbed by a phone call. There are quite a lot of interesting fan theories regarding ‘Dayfly’ MV as well as the prologue video that you can find in the MV comment section and fan accounts. The fact that the MV sparks conversation on the internet is amazing, and it proves that the time and the hard work that DEAN and his team poured into making the MV means something.



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