Korean Hiphop Awards 2019 Winner | Best of the Best

Korean Hiphop awards 2019 is here !!! Last night, KHA announce the winner from every categories. Is your favorite become the winner ???

Korean Hiphop Awards 2019 Winner

KOrean Hiphop Awards 2019 winner. Every year, South Korea leading hip hop news site Hiphople & Hiphopplaya release an awards for the artists on Korea Hip hop/R&B Scene. The vote count was 50 % by committee member (Journalist & Music critics) & 50 % by fans vote (Including intl fans). Here is the winner list for Korean Hiphop Awards 2019 !! Here’s the complete list of nominee .


Korean Hiphop Awards 2019 Winner



Best Artist of The Year 2019 : The Quiett



Other Nominee for Artist of The Year
  • Jay Park 
  • Swings 
  • Paloalto
  • Giriboy
  • Kid Milli



Rookie Artist of The Year : Kim Haon


Other nominee for Rookie artist of the year 

  • Coogie
  • Uneducated Kid
  • Jclef
  • Zene The Zilla
  • George

Hiphop Album of The Year 2019 : XXX ‘Language’

Other Nominee for Hiphop Album of the Year
  •  Paloalto x Justhis ‘4 the youth’ 
  • The Quiett ‘Glow Forever’
  • Kid Milli ‘AI, The Playlist’ 
  • XXX ‘Language’ 
  • Bassagong ‘Tang A’ 
  • Illinit ‘Cosmos’

Hiphop Track & Collaboration of the Year : IndiGo

Other Nominee for best Hip hop track of the year

  • Mommy Son feat Baeguson & Donutman ‘Boy Jump’
  • XXX ‘Sujak’ – Giriboy x Swings x Kid Milli x NO:EL ‘Flex’ –
  • Kid Milli x pH-1 x Loopy x Paloalto ‘Good Day’
  • Jvcki wai ‘Enchanted Propaganda’

Other nominee for best collaboration

  • Bassagong feat J-Tong ‘Tang A’
  • Drunken Tiger feat Dok2 & MC Meta ‘A Tiger Named JK’
  • CoPal team ‘Good Day’
  • Sumin feat XIn Seha ‘Your Home’ –
  • Giriboy x Swings x Kid Milli x NO:EL ‘Flex’

R&B track of the Year Dean ‘Instagram’

Other nominee for R&B Track of the year

  • Sumin feat Xin Seha ‘Your Home
  • George ‘gohaegoback’
  • Jclef ‘지구 멸망 한 시간 전 제이클레프’
  • Horim feat Paloalto ‘Sug4r’
  • Soma ‘Pollen Allergy’



R&B album of the Year : Sumin ‘Your Home’

Other nominee for R&B Album of The Year

  • Colde ‘Wave’
  • Naul ‘Sound Doctrine’
  • Jclef ‘Flaw. Flaw’
  • Hippy Was Gispy ‘Language’
  • Sumin ‘Your home’
  • Horim ‘Metrocity’



Underrated Album of the Year : Odee x VIANN ‘Open Monday


Other nominee for Underrated Album of the year

  • Jaedal ‘Period’
  • Lee Suho ‘Entertain’
  • Mild Beats ‘Secondhand Smoking’
  • Moldy ‘INTERNET KID’


Producer of the Year : Giriboy

Other nominee for Producer of the Year

  • Code Kunst
  • Giriboy 
  • GRAY
  • FRNK 
  • Groovyroom
  • Woogie

MV Of The Year : Mommy Son ‘Shonen Jump’

Other Nominee for Best MV of the year

  • Mommy Son ‘Shonen Jump’ 
  • Bassagong ‘Rodeo’ 
  • Giriboy x Swings x Kid Milli x NO:EL ‘Flex’ 
  • Jaedal ‘Tree’ 
  • Balming Tiger ‘I’m Sick’
  • Sultan of the Disco feat Bassagong ‘Tong Bei Quan’

Label of the Year  : Indigo Music

Other nominee for Label of the Year

  • AOMG
  • Hi-Lite Records
  • WYBH


What do you think of Korean Hiphop Awards 2019 Winner?? Do you have other winner / Nomination ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!