Jaedal Come and Go EP | Back and forth

Jaedal is back !! The rapper from legit goons just release new EP Let’s get to know more about him while listen to the EP.

Jaedal Come and Go

Jaedal Come and Go EP. When we talk about Jaedal we talk about EP & Album. After debut with a single album ‘Back To The Island, Begin’ on 2016, he have only been releasing EP & Album since. It takes a while to wait between the release : Adventure album on 2017, Period EP on 2018, and recently Come & Go EP on 2019. Its always worth the wait.


Jaedal Come and Go Tracklist

  • Waterfall
  • Come and Go feat Lope
  • Oh Sh
  • Step Back

Step Back’ audio

As a member of Legit goons, Jaedal is also a producer like other more known member like Code Kunst, Yosi & Authentic. This track is self produced by Jaedal, just like all the track inside the latest EP. Talented is a understatement.



Not only known for making great music & rap. Jaedal also known for the aesthetic Music video. One of the MV ‘Tree’ is nominated as one of the best Music video on Korea Hiphop Awards 2019 !! There’s lot of other good competitor but we hope Tree MV gonna be the winner because personally this is my pick.

Tree MV

Make sure to follow him on Instagram :@Jaedal92 & Legit Goons Instagram : @legitgoonsworld 

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What do you think of the New EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!