Chin Chilla HighColor | Million Market project Million Puzzle

Chin Chilla the young wave and Highcolor collaboration !!! This is the first project of more project to come from Million Market ~

Chin Chilla Highcolor

Chin Chilla Highcolor. There’s several news to break down here. Former school rapper 2 contestant Chin Chilla is sign to Million Market. Million market bought ATM Seoul, Rhytment & Several other labels. Highcolor is now a duo with Suha & NewA. Million market gonna release a collaboration project with their artists (they have a lot new artist).


Chin Chilla Highcolor ‘The Season’ audio preview

The track combine Acoustic guitar & digital Piano as the base. while really showcase the voices of Highcolor. Chin Chilla didn’t have a lot of parts (Only 20 second rap). The season is a song about reminiscent of the happy memories for the past season, filled with regrets and longing for past love.



Chin Chilla is a former School rapper 1, 2 & SMTM 777 contestant. Known the most for the stint on School rapper 2, even though it’s short he still make lots of impact in the broadcast. Oh Damryul already release his debut single album #ch last year.

Chin Chilla on School Rapper 2


Highcolor is a girl group with 4 members. They been really active, join Survival show like Mixnine, perform on events & do their own project in recent years. Since then there’s been news of the group disbanding. It actually become a duo with NewA & Suha remaining as the member. They all really talented though, let’s support all of them !!

Highcolor mixnine clip

Make sure to follow Chin Chilla on Instagram : @humdrumchild & Suha of Highcolor on Instagram : @It_suha . Don’t forget also to follow Million market on Instagram @Millionmarket for future update about the project !!



Listen & Purchase to Chin Chilla Highcolor‘Your Season‘ on Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs.


What do you think of the first collaboration project from Million market ?? They plan to collaborate more artist in the future with Million Puzzle project. We really look forward to it !!



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