Osshun Gum Walk in the Rain | Courage for everyone

Choi hamin is back with a new track !! This is gonna be Hamin solo comeback after since I Don’t know that release 9 months ago. Let’s get to know more about the track !!

Osshun Gum Walk in the rain

Osshun Gum Walk in the Rain. New digital single from former School rapper & SMTM contestant. This song is also a recovery song for Osshun Gum, he’s been struggling since he finish School rapper, only made 4 songs in 2 years. Recently things have been working out for Osshun Gum, including participate in the hit track Dding’ that top south korea music charts for quite sometime.



Osshun Gum Walk in The rain MV

I was lost in my mind ~ . That’s the intro of Osshun Gum ‘Walk in The rain‘ track. The track is produced & arranged by Danny Gold & Jay vito. Just like in the song description, Osshun Gum have been trying to find himself. Hamin hope this song can give some courage to people that currently face the same obstacle as Osshun Gum was, been struggling in expressing themselves.



For more information regarding Osshun Gum, you can check Hamin answering multiple question from Just Music. He really been struggling without anyone knowing, but with this song he hope no one need to experience the same thing that he been through.

Osshun Gum 10 Q on Just Music


Bonus : Osshun Gum on Mic Swagger 3

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