Deepflow 36 dangers | Teaser for upcoming Album

Deepflow is back !!! After 2 years, deepflow is back with a new single !! Wait… Isn’t Deepflow really active on 2018 ??? You’re not wrong but.. Let’s talk more about Deepflow while enjoy the latest single from Deepflow !!

Deepflow 36 dangers

Deepflow 36 Dangers. New solo track from the VMC Boss since Sofa back on April 2017. Ryu Sanggu (Deepflow real name) really busy on 2018, not because of music activities but because of TV appearance & Office works. Become School rapper 2 mentor & SMTM 777 Producer while also sign 2 new artist to Vis Major Company (QM & Webster B). Deepflow is really busy.


Deepflow 36 dangers MV

“36 years old, 36 bars & 36 Dangers” Deepflow new track is a signature VMC  music with a twist. It use old school boombap beats like we expect, but this time with a help from up & coming South Korea soul band ‘From all to human’. This track is just a teaser of Deepflow upcoming 4th album that gonna be released soon.



This year gonna be the year of Deepflow focusing on Music. Consider SMTM 8 gonna air soon, it’s not likely that Deepflow gonna join again as SMTM 8 producer consider Deepflow gonna release an album soon. But we never know, do you think Deepflow gonna join again as SMTM 8 producer?

Deepflow x Nucksal Producer stage on SMTM 777

Make sure to follow the VMC Boss on Instagram :@Deepflow39 & Vis Major company on instagram :@vismajor_company . Also the band that accompany Deepflow @FromAllToHuman .



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What do you think of Deepflow 36 dangers ??  Are you excited for Deepflow album ??? Let us know in the comment section below !!