SMTM 8 Is back on Summer !!! Are you ready ???

Show Me the Money is the biggest TV show for korea hip hop since it first air on 2012. Now it’s already reach the 8th Seasons, constantly produce dra, i mean stars every single year !! Are you ready for the new season ???


SMTM 8 Confirmed !!! MNET confirm that The 8th season of Show Me The Money gonna start soon. It also rumored to be air on Summer again, after two seasons air on Fall (Season 6 & 777). MNET already announce the online audition gonna start on 4th of April 2019 until 3rd of May 2019. Are you HYPE For the new season ???


Deducing from the news, it safe to conclude that SMTM 8 will air after Produce X 101 ended. SMTM 777 PD said that the SMTM 777 songs didn’t chart well because it was release on fall/winter where people prefer listening to ballad/carol songs. Let’s see if Summer can bring more energy for SMTM this season.

SMTM 8 Teaser

SMTM past Top 3

1st Season  : Loco , Jindoggae, Takeone
2nd Season : Souldive, Zizo, Swings & mad Clown
3rd Season  : Bobby, Iron, Cjamm & Vasco
4th Season  : Basick, Mino, BLack nut & Innovator
5th Season  : Bewhy, Cjamm, Superbee
6th Season  : Hangzoo, Nucksal , Woo Wonjae
7th Season  : Nafla, Loopy & Kid Milli


Loco on SMTM 1

Looking at past winner, most of them become successful in their own way. Not only the winner, even the contestant that pass the 1st round got airtime & become more known to the public. It’s not rare occasion for a rapper to get thousands to hundreds of thousand new followers on their Social media after they come into SMTM.



Bigger than Korea Hip hop

SMTM is bigger than Korea Hip hop. That was Loopy answer on an interview with Esquire Korea. SMTM guarantee exposure to the public, not only for KHH fans/Stan that even though growing in number in recent years still relatively small compared to other fanbase.

This is a gloomy fact of Korea hiphop industry. We hope we can do a better job promoting talented yet still unknown KHH/KRNB artist so they didn’t feel obliged to join Survival show like SMTM just to survive in music industry.



SMTM 8 online audition clash with the broadcast of School Rapper 3.

Online audition start next month on April !! Maybe this is a way for MNET to deliver different product of HSR & SMTM brand. The online audition gonna start when School Rapper 3 is still in broadcast , so i dont think the top contestant of School rapper gonna (or even could) join SMTM this year.



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Who do you think will join SMTM season 8 ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!


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