BOiTELLO Alright | A comfort song if you have a bad day

BOiTELLO & friends says everything is alright ~. BoiTello with his friends, GR8VATTIC member just release a new track titled ‘Alright’.  If you have a bad day, BoiTello hope that this song will be a comfort, even if its just a slight comfort.

Boitello Alright

BOiTELLO Alright . The leader of GR8VATTIC Crew said it’s alright in his latest track. Anyway, how to read GR8VATTIC ?? It reads Grooveattic because 8 could also mean oo, Our music be groovy and cozy. This is already a 2nd single by BoiTello in 2019, he already release a track ‘Le Petit Prince’ January this year.


BoiTELLO Alright feat FR:EDEN, Doshi, Zesty, Lemma & OD Rhomp

GR eight VATTIC, GR eight VATTIC, ~. The track is by BoiTELLO but everyone have the same share for this track, just like a cypher !!  This song is also release on Lunar New year, GR8VATTIC ask everyone to take a break from their daily life and enjoy the day because its gonna be alright ~


FR:EDEN verse on Boitello Alright

“Just for today
You can rest as long as you like
It’s alright
Let your mind be in peace
You can rest a little bit longer
It’s alright
From many things that bothers you
From people that make you feel lonely
Just for today
You can ignore them
It’s alright ~”




One of my favorite track form BOiTELLO ‘Stay’

Make sure to follow all of the artist that participate in the track : @Boitello_ , @z.onthemic92 , @frieden__92 , @cityboydoshi ,@lemma_gr8vattic , @od.rhomp , @lemma_gr8vattic . & @rnz_got_dat_sht . We hope 2019 gonna be their year !!



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What do you think of BOiTELLO track Alright ?? Which verse is your favorite ?? Let us know int he comment section below !!