Suran Heize collaboration | Hide and seek full version

Suran and  Heize !! Is this one of the strongest R&B singer collaboration of 2019 ?? The long awaited full version of Hide and seek finally released and surprise, it feature Heize !!

Suran Heize

Suran Heize collaboration !! Suran actually already release the track ‘Hide and Seek’ few weeks ago, but as i write in the previous article, the track is just a teaser of what to come. A Powerful collaboration between 2 top R&B Singer. The track is titled Hide and seek but also have another title ‘Wishing on a star’ .


Suran Heize ‘Hide and Seek’ vid Vlog version

The music is still the same with the one that release before, use Jo Jungchi acoustic guitar as the base for the song, the full version also have a guitar solo in the end of the track. Having Heize collaborating in ‘Hide and seek’ make the track sounds completely different. My only wishes is that Million market release a live video of Suran & Heize singing together, that would be perfect.

Heize verse on Hide and Seek 

“If you think you heard my voice, its just a wind
The trembling windows sounds
Can’t sleep every night, till the sun arise
I wasn’t hiding don’t you feel lonely
After the cloud pass i stand in front of you again
I’ll breathing through this raindrop”



Heize ‘She’s fine’ album teaser

Heize also plan to release a full album soon !! The exact date is on 19th of March 2019. Make sure to check that album out when it release !!



Follow Suran on Instagram :@Suranelenashin & Heize on Instagram : @heizeheize . They gonna make your March more colorful with their new music release !!


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What do you think of Suran heize collaboration ?? We can’t get enough of this and we hope this is just a start of many !!