slchld My Insecurities Not Yours EP | Enjoy chill EP from Seoulchild

slchld is back with a new EP !!! This EP is actually not so new if you a vivid listener of slchld. If you haven’t know him, lets get to know Slchld while enjoy the tracks from the latest EP !!



Slchld My Insecurities not Yours EP. Already debut back on 2017, Jang Doohyuk (seoulchild real name) have been make a lot of noise in both south korea & international scene. Also a part of 1844 crew with Redhouse & Oceanfromtheblue.

Slchld My Insecurities not Yours EP Tracklist 

  • because I don’t wanna know feat. Rheehab
  • she likes spring, I prefer winter
  • my insecurities, not yours
  •  twenty four hours


This EP is already the 2nd album that Slchld release on 2019 (already release join album ‘Aeries’ with oceanfromtheblue). Not including soundcloud release he already release more than 15 tracks just on 2019 (not even 3 months !).

Slchld My Insecurities not Yours prod Volsic

Producer volsic made the beat while Gilla help master this track. Did you notice that slchld use lots of english words instead of korean one ?? It’s because Slchld is actually a Vancouver based artist. Some even say he’s better using English rather than Korean, what we know is Slchld is great at music. I always believe that music is the universal language that we all understand ~.



Check out earlier Slchld release. This is my personal favorite ‘If we‘ feat Oceanfromtheblue

Make sure to follow slchld on Instagram : @Slchld & Souncloud :@Seoulchild where he often release new music !!



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What do you think about Slchld My insecurities not yours EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!