Simon Dominic CF | Now a Brand Ambassador of Car company

Simon Dominic appointed as a Brand ambassador of Car company !! Have a great personality in addition of being a talented musician & rapper, Ssamd just keep getting those job one after another.

Simon Dominic CF

Simon Dominic CF. Hip hop rapper doesn’t usually comes to mind when people talk about advertising, but Ssamd already got 2 advertising recently and all of them is a great hit. Not only fun on stage, Simon Dominic also share his fun personality with the general public !! Ssamd Advertising also seem always have a meaningful message behind it.


Simon dominic CF for Nissan X Trail

Okay, first thing first Simon Dominic can’t drive. He’s scared of driving and were legally blind on the left eye (the same reason why Ssamd exempted from military service), Then, why he were appointed as car ambassador when he can’t drive ??

This the interesting part, even for a bad driver like SsamD, he can still drive the car safely because of the technology inside the car. I won’t elaborate on the technology (just watch the ads) but Simon Dominic serve as an example for other driver with disabilities.



Simon Dominic CF for Albamon

This is the more popular one. Simon talk about the importance of Part time worker and why the society shouldn’t patronize part time workers (this is big issue in South Korea). I made a lengthy article about this so make sure to check it out ~. Also the tagline “Respect~” by Ssamd become a big hit that other celebrity try to mimic the tagline.



Simon Dominic keep landing those advertising job, but doesn’t mean he stop creating music. Looking at the IG Story, he’s been working in his Darkroom studio with fellow producer Goosebumps. We still love Simon Dominic the rapper & musician the most !!

Simon Dominic working in Darkroom Studio



The year just start, but it won’t be surprise if Simon Dominic land another advertising job while he working hard to perform & release his music !! Make sure to follow Ssamd on Instagram @longlivesmdc & AOMG @Aomgofficial .



We Love Simon dominic CF model but we love Ssamd the musician more !! Take your time making the music, we gonna be here to enjoy !!