ClaD Old Trail | Lets go on a trip filled with emotion

Clad is back !! The talented singer-rapper is back with a new track title old Trail. Let’s go on a trip in this track while get to know more about ClaD from Romano Blackwood !!

Clad Old Trail

ClaD Old Trail. Who is ClaD?? As a solo artist ClaD debut on 2015, but involvement on Music industry goes way back to the 2000’s when he’s still a vocalist & rapper of Vincent, a hip hop acoustic band.  ClaD genre is not exactly a singrap, but actually sing & rap, Whats the difference ??. He did a old school style of rap and can sing as well with a sweet voice, it feels like ClaD feature ClaD when we listen to the songs.

ClaD Old Trail MV

Clad feat Clad, this is why the style is unique. Starting with sweet voice as an intro then suddenly turn into a swag rapper  on 0:39. The track is produced by producer Jay Dope.A chill R&B beat that suit the ends of winter & starts of summer, the perfect season to start going for a trip ~. There’s already English lyrics translation on the MV, enjoy ~



Bonus : ClaD ‘Emptiness’ feat Rick Bridges froom Acme EP

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