School Rapper 3 EP 3 | Team Young Kay & team Youngji

School rapper 3 is back with a new episode !! After last episode we witness the rapper from team Sokodomo & Team Aquinas, now we got the chance to see the talented contestant from team Young Kay & Youngji. Let’s see what they got !!

School Rapper 3 ep 3

School Rapper 3 ep 3. The episode reach 1.7 % TV ratings nationwide, still top the ratings for the time slot on Cable/Paid TV networks. This time around, the contestant from Team Young Kay &  Youngji gonna show what they got, lets see if they live up to the expectation of the mentors. Expectation was high considering what the mentor see from team Sokodomo & Aquinas on last episode,


Rules : The top 3 contestant got automatic pass for the next round. 1 lucky contestant gonna be chosen by the mentors in the end of School Rapper 3 ep 3 episode.

Team Young Kay on School Rapper 3 ep 3

Didn’t get any airtime from team Young Kay : Go Junseo, Be’o & Jin Soomin


Jung Jiwoong / JayOne (Points 193)

MNET play the narrative that Jiwoong the son of actor Jung Eunpyo too much. He’s good at his own MNET !! A smart rapper (literally with IQ of 165) , make his own beats, have his own unique style of performance & really talented kid. We honestly still really curious about his music abilities because he shine really well, too bad he’s on a really really good team with other good contestant. Can’t wait to see more of Jayone in the future !!


Kim Minkyu / Young Kay (213 Points)

Remember Seokmin from School Rapper 2 ?? Seokmin is one of the best contestant on the first cypher, but, he’s pick strong friend as his team contestant, too strong. This is the same case that Kim Minkyu / Young Kay have in this episode. The Maknae of Kiff Clan performance is good, but not good enough in his own team.



Lil Tachi / Kang Hyunjun (points 238)

Okay, so finally the Quiett realized that Kang Hyunjung & Lil Tachi is the same person.  It’s actually not a surprise, because Lil tachi got Totally different style, different personalities & most imporatnt thing complete new confidence when he raps. He’s no longer inexperience lil tachi who really nervous, overwhelm by the stage and make simple mistake like what we saw on SMTM 777. He’s Lil Tachi who need to seriously be considered as one of the winning contender.


Bluewhale / Choi Jinho (229 Points)

When we talk about 8zone crew, Tang comes to mind. Don’t sleep on Choi Jinho / Bluewhale !!  He’s actually that good, even surpass the favorites/team leader Young Kay in terms of scores. Choi Jinho have that captivating rap that keeps improving since the 1st episode.



Tang/ Kwon Yeonghoon (252 points)

“WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN” thats the intro of Tang the Awesome. The most popular online audition contestant show why he’s one of the best rapper in the competition. Despite look & feel more mature than the rest of the competition (according to The Quiett), Tang still have that youthful energy that he show on this episode.


Get to know all of the contestant of School Rapper 3.  If you want to watch the full episode you can watch it HERE



There Still More performance from team Youngji in this . Let’s check their performance on the next PAGE