Dok2 Hip hop Kkondae with 10 rapper on MBC Kill Bill !!!

Dok2 is one of the contestant for MBC Kill Bill. Dok2 goals is not only winning the competition but also going further by giving a stage to fellow rapper and someone special. Let’s get to know Dok2 new track that he perform on MBC Kill BIll !!

Dok2 Hip hop

Dok2 Hip hop Kkondae This track is a tribute of 26 years anniversary of Wu-tang Clan. Dok2 invites all his friends that he been working with over the years. There’s total 10 rapper invited for the song that last more than 6 minutes, including Pyunny . Who ??? Pyunny is Dok2 & 1llionaire manager who do rap as a hobby, he dream to perform on a stage and Dok2 realize Pyunny dream on MBC ‘Kill Bill’ !!

Aritst that join on Dok2 Hiphop Kkondae 
  • Changmo
  • Double K 
  • Snacky chan
  • Young B 
  • KIm Hyoeun
  • Deepflow
  • Nucksal 
  • Los 
  • Junoflo 
  • Pyunny

Dok2 ‘Hip hop Kkondae’ audio

Kkondae is korea slang for negative terms of Stubborn old man who clinging to their past glory & dislike change of new generation. What does it means ?? Dok2 seems to say that old school hip-hop still  have a place in the industry with the lyrics “Were stubborn hiphop rapper just call us hiphop kkondae”. The beat is a old school boombap beat made by producer Prima vista. Really suit the theme & the artist that feature.

The interesting story from this track is actually a feature by Pyunny, Dok2 & 1llionaire manager. Dok2 give a chance to his manager & have a dream stage. The stage is not a small stage also, it’s on national television where millions watch.

Pyunny Verse on Dok2 Hip hop Kkondae

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What do you think of Dok2 Hip Hop Kkondae on MBC ‘KIll BIll’ ???  Which verse is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!