J Kyun all yours | Feature fellow Lucky J Jero

J’Kyun is back !! After having several collaborative release with fellow GRVV member, J Kyun back to release a solo track titled ‘All Yours’ . The track also feature fellow Lucky J, Jero !

J Kyun All yours


J Kyun All yours. If you think you already heard his name since forever, you were right because Kim jung tae actually already debut way back on 2003. There’s not much artist that can last that long, especially when you’re not from big agency and didnt get as much spotlight. He’s not slacking also, already release more than 20 tracks on 2018. TMI : J’Kyun write the lyrics for idol groups IN2IT.

J Kyun All Yours feat Jero Audio

GRVV & Chill ~ That’s the concept of J’Kyun new track. Cream of DPR also help making this track, guitar accompaniment with slow tempo R&B. Jero, former Lucky J member which J’Kyun a part of also participate in this track. Even though Lucky J already go on their own ways since 3 years ago, they still have that chemistry !! The hook is also so catchy “You can do whatever you want, it’s all right~



If you’re into more mid tempo bit you can check out J’kyun track from 2918 ‘Hate Me why’. I dont think we should and can compare J’Kyun to his 2000’s (or even SMTM days) because the style is so much different. A change that i really approve, do you also approve ?

J’Kyun Hate Me Why MV

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