Sik-k FL1P Full album | an upgrade over ‘FLIP’

Sik-k release ‘FL1P’ ,how does it difference from ‘FLIP’ ?? Let’s check out why & get to know more about the full album from the artist of H1GHRMUSIC & Yelowsmob !!

Sik-k FL1p

SIk-k FL1P. Just one typo and you gonna ended up with another EP that released on 2017. FL1P is an upgrade of Sik-k EP that released back in 2017 ‘FLIP’ (Which already a great EP!). Sik-k said in an interview with GQ Korea that he add number 1 because  the album & Sik-k the artist is improving over the years.


Sik-k Birthday 26 February 1994


Sik-k FL1P Tracklist 

  • FL1P : FLIP prod by GXXD
  • Noizy prod by Groovyroom
  • 19 cayenne freestyle prod by GXXD
  • Vanessa feat Crush prod by Boycold
  • Love aches prod by Boycold
  • Fxcx that flower prod by Way Ched
  • Outta My Head prod by Groovyroom
  • Mi Casa es tu casa feat Jessi & TheQuiett prod by Groovyroom
  • Xibal prod Groovyroom
  • Addict prod GXXD
  • Fiire prod Groovyroom
  • Runnin prod Goosebumps
  • Rest in Party prod GXXD
  • Sorry (1000) feat Crush prod GXXD

14 tracks inside the album. Producer GXXD, Groovyroom, Boycold, Wayched & Goosebumps is helping producing the tracks, all of them is Sik-k Close friends so the chemistry is off the roof. Few of the tracks like Xibal, Addict & Fire actually already released as an single before.

 ‘Noizy’ MV

I notice 2 characteristic that become familiar in Sik-k recent release : Post broke up lyrics & beat that inspired by Rock music. Sik-k is not limited as hip hop rapper, he start to become an all around artist that infuse different element like rock music into his repertoire. This is just one track from Sik-k ‘FL1P’ album, there’s still 13 more tracks inside so listen to them all !



My personal favorite track from this album is actually 19 cayenne freestyle which made in a rush. Sik-k added this track after the car (Porsche Cayenne) he ordered since last year finally arrive in South korea. It’s also a self birthday present for himself ~

19 Cayenne Freestyle audio


Sik-k World tour


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