Statues Remix | Junoflo, MFBTY, Dok2 & Double K

Statues !! The title Track from Junoflo album with the same title now got a remix version !! The Remix version feature big name from KHH scene. Let’s see if they can make the alerady great track sounds even better !!


Statues Remix

Statues Remix . ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’ That’s the quote from Michelangelo that inspired Junoflo Statues track & album. Now its time for the legends : Tiger JK, Bizzy, Yoon Mirae, Dok2 & Double K to leave their legacy in this remix version of Statues


Statues Remix

Bizzy :  What’s good ?? What’s good ?? It’s bizzy verse to open up the track !!! After the stint as SMTM 6 producer, Bizzy haven’t been active release his own music. But already achieve the legend statues, his verse still as fire as ever.

Double K : Double K Hyung, is a powerhouse on Korea Music Industry. Already have more than 100 own tracks while tracks  “Where the **** is my statue ???” Double K Is so underrated he even need to join a show like Show Me the money

Dok2 : Now a MBC Kill BIll Contestant Dok2 show that his style of rap that he hone for more than 15 years is timeless. Whether it’s 2005 or 2019, Dok2 still a young king young boss.

Junoflo : His verse, his own track; legendary verse; legendary verse. Nuff said

Tiger JK :  No more using the name Drunken Tiger anymore. Tiger JK still continue his legacy. I mean at this point, anything he release is a legacy for the present & future generation.

Yoon Mirae ; What is the next challenge ?? A full rap verse only with English words ?? Tasha Got it. There’s nothing Yoon Mirae can’t do. She’s the queen of hiphop, period.



Statues Remix

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