SAAYGRAM | Get Up Close and Personal with SAAY

Through these four episodes of SAAYGRAM, SAAY lets us take a peek inside her world: from her deep love for music, her creative process, to her life as Kwon Sohee.



SAAYGRAM. A new series about KRNB artist Kwon Sohee. Although releasing her first album ‘CLAASSIC’¬†just last year, SAAY is not actually a newcomer in the music industry. She was the leader and vocalist of girl group EvoL, before the group disbanded in 2015.

SAAY continued as an independent artist, releasing her first mixtape ‘The Zone’¬†in 2017 on Soundcloud as well as being a songwriter and producer where she helped write four songs for Super Junior’s Henry. She then joined Universal Music Korea and toured in Europe and the US with Club Eskimo and her fellow universal Records Label mate DEAN.

It’s actually not really easy to dig up information about SAAY on the internet. Well, no worries! This time SAAY fills us in about the things that we are curious about her, like for example: why there are two A’s on her stage name?

Episode 01 – Artist SAAY

SAAY tells us the differences between her being SAAY and her being Kwon Sohee. She also shows her life as artist SAAY, and it turns out that she can also draw well!

Episode 02 – Behind The Stage

We can see her rehearsing before her show, from singing to dance practice. We also get to follow her on her show in Manila, doing radio interviews, as well as her routines before getting on stage.


Episode 03 – Day-Off

Ever wonder what SAAY would do when she’s not busy writing music and performing? In this episode of SAAYGRAM, she takes us with her on her day off.

Episode 04 – So Hee Kwon

What did inspire Kwon Sohee to be an artist? How did her love for dancing begin? SAAY is indeed a talented performer ever since she was still known only as Kwon Sohee back in school.


So, did the four episodes of SAAYGRAM satisfy your curiosity about SAAY? Find out more about SAAY through @saayworld

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