Flakko Never Again | A new EP from 24 Crew Leader

Flakko is back with a new EP !! Former SMTM 777 contestant Flakko is back after only a brief time. The leader from 24 gang is really active recently. already release several single in the past few months.

Flakko Never Again

Flakko Never Again. A new EP consist of 7 tracks which produced by Stelleomusic, AllTimeMusic & Beatz Era. 24 Gang with Flakko have been making lot of noise on 2018, they even invited to perform on the prestigious Korea Popular Music Awards that held on 20th of December 2018,

 FLakko Never Again’ Tracklist

  • Never Again feat pH-1
  • Sober feat Loopy & lil Asian
  • Why feat G2
  • 1914 feat Superbee
  • Shootin Star feat Woozieboo
  • Dangerous feat Caskey
  • Sin feat Mutang the Seoul Kid

7 tracks with featuring from 8 different artists. Flakko been giving a hint of the upcoming EP (or more like his friends keep giving spoiler on their SNS) for quite some time. Let’s check the tracks out ~.

Never Again’ feat pH-1 MV preview

pH-1 is featuring in the title track ofthe latest EP. When we think about 24 Gang the first thing that comes in mind is their debut track ‘WYA’ which was hardcore trap beat. This time around he use a more chill beats:  a slow tempo with melodic acoustic guitar accompaniment. It really suits the weather, it’s the ends of winter, welcome spring.

If you more into Trap, check out ‘Do More

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