Crush Colors Studio | Sweet and Colorful crush

Crush Colors studio !! There’s been few Korea Hiphop & Rnb Artist that featured in Colors studio, now Crush become the next artist to feature. He perform one of his track ‘None’ this time around.

Crush Colors Studio

Crush Colors studio. After Dean, Colde & DPR Live, Shin Hyoseob become the new artist that appear on Colors studio. Crush perform ‘None’ which already so good & top South korea charts when it released back on 17th October. Somehow the track sounds so much better in Colors studio.

Crush Colors studio perform ‘None’

If you haven’t listen to this track yet, there’s a reason why the track titled ‘None’. Its actually play of words: 넌 which means you’re (read Non) & english words none which  pronounced the same. There’s multiple lyrics where Crush feel empty (None) because you’re not here.

Crush singing LIVE is always the best, somehow Crush just add more feelings into his already moving track. Here some clips of Crush singing performance that gonna melts your heart~

Crush sing ‘Beautiful’ on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook


Crush ‘Sofa’ live performance Credit : @Sophia Gang

Colde & Crush ‘Your Dog Loves You’ on MNET Breakers

Make sure to follow Crush on Instagram : @Crush9244 & Agency @Amoebakorea . We can’t wait for more great things from Crush on 2019 !!

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