Ballin All Day | agency track Blacknine, Myundo, Dooyoung

It’s time to Ballin all day !! The new formed agency Ballin’ All Day release their first agency track with all the member featuring. Let’s see what does the former Ghoodlife Crew members have in store !!

Ballin All Day

Ballin All Day. The New agency form by Myundo, with member Choi Seohyun & Blacknine after Ghoodlife Crew disband last month. They just release a new track with the same title as their agency name.


Ballin All Day audio preview

 It seems that all of them is back to their roots. Blacknine is back to being a fierce rapper with zero ***** given vibes. Myundo is riding the trap beat with laid back flow, Choi seohyun is back with his change of pace . They been trying out new style in Ghoodlife crew recently but knowing what their best trait is an important traits for any musician.

‘Ballin All Day‘ single description

“Bad guys don’t play by the rules.
That’s what makes em bad.
Maybe that’s what makes em win”

The description of the track ‘B.A.D’ is their (not so new) persona. Instead of following the trends they just gonna make their own just like this track. We can’t wait for more music from 3 of them in the near future !!

Blacknine on SMTM 777

Myundo on SMTM 5



Choi Seohyun on SMTM 6

Make sure to follow all of them on Instagram : @Blacknine.choe @82god_myundo & @doo___young . Don’t forget to follow their agency Instagram also :@Bad_ballinallday

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What do you think of the new agency Ballin all Day ?? Which member is your favorite so far ??? Let us know in the comment section below !!