Mokyo H1GHRMUSIC !!! Isn’t Thurxday already a member ??

H1GHRMUSIC recently announce they sign new artist !! The new artist is Mokyo H1GHRMUSIC !! Wait, isn’t Mokyo is the same person as Thurxday ?? Yup you’re right ~ Isn’t thurxday already sign with H1GHRMUSIC ?? Yup you’re right ~ but but but …..


Mokyo H1GHRMUSIC . The latest artist that H1GHRMUSIC sign is Mokyo. Wait isn’t thurxday already sign with H1GHRMUSIC ?? Yup, Thurxday Sign with H1GHRMUSIC on 2017 while Mokyo sign with H1GHRMUSIC on 2019. Confused ?? Let me explain ~


Thurxday sign with H1GHRMUSIC on 2017


Thurxday already sign with H1GHRMUSIC on 2017 as a producer, he’s been producing numerous track for H1GHRMUSIC artist like pH-1, Jay Park, Haon and many more. Now Mokyo sign with H1GHRMUSIC as a singer-songwriter.  This case is actually not the first time it happens, there also Futuristic Swaver the rapper & Laptopboy the producer which is the same person !



Mokyo is preparing to release his debut track soon !! The track is titled ‘Something’ gonna be released on 2nd of March 2019 at 6 PM KST. The teaser have a sounds of guitar accompaniment, and i can’t wait to hear mokyo voice in the track !!

Mokyo ‘Something’ teaser

If you curious about Thurxday voice. He already have few verse on other verse track. He’s featuring on pH-1 ‘Groupie‘ & Loco ‘Party Band’. There’s one song of Thurxday ‘Off To You‘ where he have quite a long verse so you can check his voice out ~



Thurxday ‘Off To You’ audio feat pH-1


Thurxday been producing bops like pH-1 ‘Homebody’

Make sure to follow Mokyo H1GHRMUSIC on Instgaram : @Mokyofuckyo & agency @H1GHRMUSIC . We love both Choi Myunghwan the singer-songwriter & the producer !! TMI : Mokyo is korea words for Thursday so it’s not like he really change his stage name.



What do you think of Thurxday decision to become Mokyo the singer songwriter ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!