Haon 1st March movement 100 years anniversary

Happy 100 Years anniversary of 1st march movement !!! Today is the day that commemorate something really important for Korea, 1st March movement. Haon that represent the young generation celebrate this occasion by release a song with KEB Hana Bank

Haon 1st March

Haon 1st march movement. The 1st March of 1919 is important date for all Koreans. It marks the day when the patriots of the nation rise to declare independence of foreign occupation. It’s been 100 year since, Haon as the young generation also contribute to the occasion by release a song with KEB Hana Bank to commemorate 100 years anniversary.

Haon 1st March movenet Clip ‘my heart full of Korea

For Every like that this video gets, KEB Hana Bank will donate money to the one in needs. What the reason to not like ?? Kim Haon is represent young generation of South korea and the future of South Korea & KHH music industry is bright with Haon.

The Director of KEB Hana Bank said “By expressing the heavy theme through rapping, we hope that the Young generation could be able to feel & treasure the history of independence movement”

Bewhy My Land

Bewhy also made a special track for 1st March movement titled ‘My Land‘. He’s even become South korea National Ambassador for the occasion !!! Hip Hop is not all about Dissing & Cussing, they also contributing to Society, History & national interest.

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