School Rapper 3 Ep 1 | 1st Cypher, Performance & ranking

School Rapper 3 starts !!! The long awaited 1st episode of the new season of School rapper 3 finally air. On the 1st episode, this generation of School rapper show that they not gonna lose in terms of skills with the 1st cypher !!

School Rapper 3 ep 1

School Rapper 3 Ep 1 reach 1.5 % Rating. Which is really high compared to previous seasons 1st episode ratings, HSR 3 TV ratings is even higher than MBC ‘Kill BIll rating which boast superstar lineup. There’s big expectation from the kids of School rapper 3 after the successful previous season of School rapper. Can the new generation live up to the expectation ??


1st Grade Cypher School rapper 3 ep 1

Check out the cypher from the 1st grade of High school rapper. The winner can pick their team for the 2nd round stage

Lee Youngji Cypher (Winner)

It’s not only Sandy who you need to keep a lookout for this year. Lee Youngji shows a really great cypher, she sounds really mature with a


Song Minjae / Pluma Cypher (runner up)

Positive Icon. Not only bright personality, Pluma from AQUA Crew also show a great verse. There so many rising crew recently and he gon

Lil Tachi

Does he seems different than the one we saw on SMTM 777 ?? Long gone the happy & innocent Lil Tachi that battle Coogie &  Zenethezilla. He’s seems full of swag and have different air around him this time around.


Jung Jiwoong / Jayone

One of the rapper that got the spotlight before School rapepr 3 starts, not because his rap but because he’s the son of actor Jung eunpyo. Jayone show that he’s pass the audition not onlybecause of his name but also because his rap skill.

Sandy / Ha Seonho

One of the most popular rapper coming to School rapper 3. Sandy come again after a strong appearance on previous season. Sandy is rapping to Cardi B beat and she really make other contestant hype with her performance !!


Make sure to get to know each contestant better by reading our article. You can also watch School Rapper 3 ep 1 full HERE

Which contestant do you think deserve to win from the 1st grade cypher ? There still more in the next PAGE