Los Hustle with Dok2 | Los Keep hustling on 2019 !!

Los is keep Hustling !! After appear on SMTM 777 last year, Los continue his music journey and release first single under Westup Records. Let’s check out Los new track ‘Hustle’ featuring Dok2 !!

Los Hustle

Los Hustle. After Ghoodlife Crew disband, we really curious where Los ended up because he’s not joining either Superbee new agency Yng & rich nor he join Myundo new agency B.A.D. Los actually in Westup records and continue his music career by release ‘Hustle’ featuring Dok2.


Los Hustle’ feat Dok2 MV

The track produced by producer Doomsday. This single is actually just a preview of Los upcoming EP. The MV is shoot on South Central, Los Angeles. It;s nice to see Los still stick to his original style instead of changing into more ‘trendy’ style like trap or singrap which more popular in South Korea recently. Trends is temporary but Los spitting fire is permanent.

Snippet of Los Hustle’ lyrics

“1987 my mom a hustler
I’m never lose my seat, shut up
I forget the failures, there’s lot opportunities up ahead
Give me a little more time Babe
Succeed by All means promise
Don’t falter just trust me
It was hard, it never been easy
Tomorrow is always a surprise lets gei it”

Los haven’t been release single since last year, but he’s been active recently : Join SMTM 777, perform often with his SMTM 777 team 119, join 119 Remix & feature on one of The Quiett Q Day Remix track.

 Los on Team 119 Cypher alongside his team Member Chaboom, EK & Kim Hyoeun

Los also recently featured in Dumbfoundead  ‘Fun with Dumb‘ ep 28 with Junoflo

If you curious about LOS you can follow him on Instagram : @losmoonwalker  & follow the fanbase on Twitter :@Losarchivee. Don’t miss out on more LOS music !!

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