BRANDY alright | New Electronic R&B track

Brandy is back with a new track !! Who ??  Let’s get to know more about BRANDY the R&B Singer while enjoy his latest track ‘Alright’

Brandy Alright

Brandy Alright, BRANDY is south Korea R&B Singer who recently got lots of attention when he sing the official song (Korea version) for Asian Para Games 2018. Officially debut on November 2018 even though musically he’s goes way back as Kpop Star 3 on back on 2013. If you into mid tempo R&B you should check out Brandy !


Brandy Alright’

‘It’s all right’ ~ BRANDY warm & sweet voice combined with electronic R&B beats. .There so many elements of music added slowly, i can’t help but to keep put it on repeat. This is something that i would love to hear when i go to book cafe and enjoy my afternoon.

Debut track of BRANDY is ‘Dive in’ featuring SMTM 6 & 777 contestant Ness. Compared to ‘Alright‘, this track have a more upbeat tempo. One you dive in the trac,k , there’s no getting out because it’s so catchy !

‘Dive in’ feat Ness MV

ASIAN PARA GAMES 2018 ‘Song of Victory‘ (korea Version) by BRANDY

If you curious about Brandy you can follow him on Instagram : @Brandykor. We can’t wait for more music from him on 2019 !!

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