Jay Park Wonjae Engine prod by Code Kunst | for Levi’s

AOMG release new track !! Even though it’s just advertising track they didn’t do it halfheartedly. Jay Park, Woo Wonjae & Code Kunst is collaborating for a new track titled ‘Engine’.

Jay Park Wonjae Engine

Jay Park Wonjae Engine prod by Code Kunst. Another AOMG Collaboration !! Last week, AOMG announce that they gonna collaborate with Levi’s Korea. The 3 of them not advertising as a model though but as a musician who gonna make an advertising track titled ‘Engine’.

Jay Park Wonjae Engine’ prod by Code Kunst

Code Kunst beats lets go !! Even though this track is only an advertising track, Code Kunst music is still a joy to the ears, it’s only treasure inside those Hard disk. ‘Engine’ is a song that contain hope which being interpreted differently by Jay Park & Woo Wonjae, this is most likely also the concept of the advertising which both of them convey really well.

Snippet of Jay Park lyrics on ‘Engine’

“There’s passion running on my blood
Everyone doubted me now everywhere you see Jay
The Company that started out Small now has become a 3 story building
Poster on the wall everyday i Go to war
For my family and thats on god
Before i fall i never never fall
Yup, those that predicted my company will fail
now want to know behind Jay Park Success
Those that dragged me down to the bottom
Now watch me fly sky high

This is not the first time AOMG been working on Advertising music, In the past years, there’s been more than 5 tracks that AOMG release as a part of advertising. All of them are bos and would be good enough to release as an official single !!

Loco x Woo Wonjae ‘Balance’ prd by Code Kunst for New Balance Korea advertising

Jay Park & GRAY ‘El Tornado’ for FIFA ONLINE 4

If you curious about the future activities of 3 of them you can follow them on Instagram : @Jparkitrighthere , @Code_kunst & @Munchinthepool . Also don’t forget to follow @AOMGOFFFICIAL for more music updates !!

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