Swervy HiLite Records | Former SMTM 777 contestant

Hi-Lite records announce new artist !!! After signing Jowonu last year, Paloalto keep making moves by signing another talented young rapper. This time it’s former SMTM 777 Contestant Swervy !!

Swervy Hilite

Swervy Hilite Records. Quick fact, there’s only 1 female rapper that get an airtime on SMTM 777 (it’s not even a lot) and it’s Swervy. Swervy is the only one who pass the 2nd round/fire round but make a mistake & eliminated in 1 vs 1 vs 1 battle. Now she’s have a new family Hi-LIte records !! Adding to more KHH artist that have new family on 2019.


Swervy vs Lee Dongmin & Park Dan on SMTM 777 3rd round battle

Compared to her relatively Young age (2001 liner), Swervy already debut back on 2017, also released an EP ‘Bunny Bullet’ on 2018. Beside join SMTM 7777, Swervy also audition for School Rapper 3 but didn’t pass the final cut for 32 contestant. The rapper from Yaya crew is set for more big things on 2019.



Not only announce as the new Artist of Hi-Lite, Swervy also release a debut track on Hi-lite records. With a track called ‘Red Lite‘ the day Paloalto announce the new artist. Check out her flow, Swag & unique style of Swervy Hilite records on ‘Red Lite’ . 

Swervy  ‘Red Lite’ MV

If you still curious about Swervy, you can follow her Instagram :@Swervyonline & Hilite records instagram : @hiliterecords .

What do you think of Swervy HILite records ?? Do you think they suited for each other ?? Let us know below in the comment section !!