Sureen UnofficialBoyy EP | New stage name, same ol swag

Lee Sureen !! Baddy Hommie !! Luda !! Unoficialboy !! It doesn’t matter how you call him because he keep release good music whatever stage name he use. Now he’s called Unoficialboy and he release a self titled EP produced by Ian Purp.

Sureen Unoficialboyy

Sureen Unofficialboyy . It seems like he’s been here forever, The 98 line rapper Lee Sureen have been heard by the public when he won 2015 SRS freestyle battle. SInce then he make a tons of big achievement by appear on Survival show like Show Me the Money & School Rapper. The former leader of dickids crew now didn’t use the stage name Luda anymore, but he still as fierce as ever.

Sureen Unofficialboyy Tracklist

  • Unofficialboyy feat Papi
  • Bbarabarab night
  • Trippy Trippy feat Papi
  • No Gyungmo feat papi
  • When We Show up
  • The giant feat Yammo
  • The skeleton feat LOVOLV

All the track inside this EP were produced by Ian Purp. Fun fact, the last track ‘The Skeleton‘ is a freestyle track. Sureen was known for his freestyle track when he just debut on 2015, he even won a freestyle competition SRS on 2015 !!

Unoficcialboyy EP preview

Title track of Sureen UnofficialBoyy feat Papi audio

The beat really suit Sureen right ?? This is a style that he use also on SMTM 777, safe to say that this gonna be the style Lee Sureen use going forward with a new stage name ‘Unofficialboy’. The track also have a background vocals that really hook you into the track,

Just a reminder of Lee Sureen performance on School rapper season 1

Make sure to follow Unofficialboyy future activities on Instagram : @unofficialboyy & agency @Fame_records. Also don’t forget follow Producer Ian purp @ianpurp .

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What do you think of Lee sureen new EP ?? Which track is your favorite track from Unofficialboyy ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!