Suran Hide and Seek | A preview for upcoming album

Suran Is back !! The singer with one of a kind voice from Million market release a new track ‘Hide and Seek’. This track is actually just a preview for Suran upcoming album. Let’s get to know the new track from Suran !!

Suran Hide and Seek

Suran Hide and Seek. This new single is a continuation of Suran activities on 2019, she actually already features in Yong Junhyung track ‘Empty’ few weeks ago. Suran gonna be busy soon because she plan to release a new album next month, March 2019. Suran also most likely gonna feature in Million market new project album ‘Million Puzzle’. Busy busy  ~

Suran Hide and Seek feat Jo Jungchi LIVE

Suran track feature legendary musician & guitarist Jo Jung chi who help arrange the music & add guitar for Suran track ‘Hide and seek’. Acoustic guitar accompaniment is perfect for Suran voice, it really highlight her unique voice color that makes us fall in love again & again with Suran.

The only downside from ‘Hide and Seek‘ is the track length, it’s too short !! The track is only 1 But considering this track is just a pre-release of Suran album, we can’t help but get excited of what Suran have in store !!

Check out Suran cover G-Idle ‘Latata’ on MNET ‘The Call

If you curious about Suran daily activities you can follow Suran Instagram :@Suranelenashin & her agency @Millionmarket. She gonna be really active soon !!


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