Mckdaddy Grandline Entertainment | Vagabonds & Hanamaloo

Mckdaddy Grandline entertainment !! Let’s get to know more about Grandline & the rapper from Vagabonds tribe & Hanamaloo Crew.

Mckdaddy Grandline

Mckdaddy Grandline Entertainment. Yesterday (21st of February 2019) there’s a news pf Mckdaddy & Pullik join Grandline Entertainment. Mckdaddy is not exactly a new name in Korea hiphop music scene, he already debut back on 2014 with a single ‘Comfort me’. 

Mvkdaddy Grandline entertainment member

  • Stella Jang
  • Geeks (Louie & Lil Boi)
  • Ja Mezz
  • Pullik
  • Yella D
  • Producer Dakshood

Mckdaddy is a part of Hanamaloo Crew with Wonjaewonjae, Kembetwa, QWER, Kimchi dope, Bloody web & many more. He’s also a part of Vagabonds tribe alongside Chang Starr & Tammy. Vagabonds tribe also just release their first collaborative single ‘ROCKSTVRR”


Vagabonds Tribe ‘ROCKSTVRR’ MV (Chang Starr, Mckdaddy & Tammy)

Mckdaddy Music release since 2018 :

  • ‘Insidious’ EP
  • Collaboration EP with Tammy ‘Blitz’
  • LP ‘i’m In Trouble But It Feels Like Everyday’
  •  featuring in more than 15 tracks.

Mckdaddy is one of the rapper that on the rise even without joining Survival show like Show Me The Money. Make sure to keep an eye for Mckdaddy on 2019.

Mckdaddy ‘x2‘ MV

If you curious about Mckdaddy, you can follow him on Instagram : @mckdaddy_ , Soundclodu : @mckdaddy , crew Vagabonds tribe :@Vagabonds_tribe & New agency Grandline entertainment :@Grandline.official

What do you think of Mckdaddy Grandline Entertainment ?? There’s been many KHH/KRNB artist that have a new family on 2019.