Pullik Grandline Entertainment | School Rapper 2 Park Junho

Pullik have a new family !! Former School rapper 2 contestant Park Junho found a new home in Grandline Entertainment. Let’s get to know about Pullik Grandline more !!

Pullik Grandline

Pullik Grandline Entertainment. There’s been many KHH/KRNB artist that have a new family on 2019. Including former school rapper 2 contestant Pullik / Park Junho who recently sign an exclusive contract with Grandline Entertainment alongside Mckdaddy.

Grandline entertainment member :

  • Stella Jang
  • Geeks (Louie & Lil Boi)
  • Ja Mezz
  • Mckdaddy
  • Yella D
  • Producer Dakshood


Pullik x Haon ‘What is Love’

Most memorable stint from the son of Actor Park Hosan is when he appear on School Rapper 2 and reach the semifinals. Few tracks from Pullik also top South korea Music charts : Pullik x Haon ‘What is Love‘ & Pullik ‘Mad Max‘ feat Woodie Gochild.

School Rapper 3 teaser

Pullik is also a part of Eumcha1ld crew which currently rising as one of the young hip hop crew in south Korea. Two of the members from Eumcha1ld crew is also gonna appear on School Rapper 3 !!

Not only joining the new family, Pullik also scheduled to release a new song !!! Pullik is scheduled to release a Single album ‘Clique’ on 24th of February 2019: Clique featuring Vinxen &  Celly featuring JP. We can’t wait for Pullik debut with Grandline entertainment !!

Pullik SIngle Album ‘Clique’ teaser

If you curious about Pullik future activities you can follow Pullik Grandline on Instagram : @pullik_99.04.21 & Soundcloud : @Pullik99. Also follow his new family @Grandline.official

What do you think of Pullik Grandline Entertainment ?? Do you think the agency suit him ?? Let us know below !!