Kill Bill Ep 3 | From fierce rapper to Ballad Singer

MBC Kill Bill 3rd episode !! After having a fierce episode on the last 2 episode, we got a more mellow content in the 3rd episode. Check out how the contestant flex their vocal cords to sing ballad song.

MBC Kill Bill Ep 3

Kill BIll Ep 3. Last week, we got San E Eliminated that left us with 6 contestant. There something new on this episode though, the contestant will be separated into 2 team !!! The teams which lose the battle gonna have their 2 member eliminated, and leave us with 4 left contestant.


Team Bewhy, YDG & Dok2 on Kill Bill Ep 3

MBC Kill Bill ep 3



Team Rhythm Power, Jessi & Cheetah

MBC Kill Bill Ep 3

Bewhy  ‘Dream of Moth’ (original Lee Seung GI)



Dok2 ‘Incomplete‘ (Original Sisqo)



Jessi ‘Umbrella‘ (original Rihanna)

YDG L-O-V-E (original Nat King Cole)

Hangzoo ‘Little Girl’ (Original Lee Moon Sae)


Cheetah ‘That Day’ (Original Kim Kwang suk)


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Which one do you think is the best when it comes to Karaoke ?? This episode is just a preview of a fierce competition that gonna be back next episode !!