Verbal Jint GabBoonSa | New track with Han Yohan & Sukhoon

Verbal Jint is back !! With a new single track featuring Han Yohan & Sukhoon. It’s also have a MV that show different random things that actualy match up with the song title meaning.

Verbal Jint Gabboonsa

Verbal Jint GabBoonSa. What is GabBoonSa ??  It’s actually an Abbreviation of a korean sentence “Gabjagi Boonwigi Sarangnorae” which means “Suddenly in the mood for a love song” . The track feature Han Yohan from Just Music and Sukhoon from Highline entertainment, the trendy musician which have their own distinctive music style.


 Verbal Jint GabboonSa MV Preview feat Han Yohan & Sukhoon (Byung Un ex Balming Tiger)

I See cats i click. The cat in the MV is actually Verbal Jint cat who made an appearance in the MV. On more serious note, ‘GabBoonSa’ is a self made track by Verbal Jint which include producing, composing & even play the instrument like Guitar, keyboard, Bass & Drums. Han Yohan & Byung un unique style of voice & flow also add more impact to this track.

Verbal jint is actually quite active even though he didn’t get as much spotlight as he used to back then. He already release a single album on October 2018, which the tracks feature MXM & Sik-k respectively. Verbal Jint also make an cameo appearance on Kiggen ‘Alcoholic’ MV.  It still gonna be a long way for Verbal Jint to gain back what he lost during his hiatus but if it’s VJ we believe it won’t take long !!

Throwback to Verbal Jint ‘Good Start’ feat Kang Minhee of Miss $ on 2011

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What do you think of Verbal Jint gabboonsa with Han Yohan & Sukhoon ?? Let us knows what you think below !!