Epik High WME | Sign exclusive contract with global agency

Epik High reportedly sign to a new agency !!! The agency Epik High sign with is a global agency William Morris endeavor (WME) which is a home for : Adele, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Drake, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Childish Gambino, and many more.

Epik High WME

Epik High WME. It’s been a while since Epik High contracts with YG Entertainment ends back on 2018. We really curious if Epik High gonna join another agency ?? Make their own agency ?? Or just going solo as an independent artist ?? Now all these question is answered because Epik High reportedly sign an exclusive contract with William Morris Endeavor (WME).

WME is not only home for worldwide renowned artist like Adele, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Drake, Rihanna, Sam Smith, & Childish Gambino but also a home for top athlete like F1 Racer Lewis Hamilton & NBA player Victor Oladipo. William Morris Endeavor will be responsible for Epik High global & overseas activities in the future.


Epik High North America tour schedule

Epik High recently announce that they will release an Album on 11th of March 2019. Beside busy release music, Epik high also gonna have a tour on Europe & North America soon !! The Europe tours cover Amsterdam, Paris & London from 15th  of March – 20th of March 2019 while Epik High North America tours gonna visit 17 cities on a span of 51 days from 1st of April – 23rd of may 2019. Have you bought the tickets yet ??


Epik High ‘I Remember’ 2003 performance

Epik High already have more than 15 years of Career since their official debut on 2003. It doesn’t seems like it’s gonna stop anytime soon now we got the news of Epik high sign with a global renowned agency. We really look forward & gonna keep support Epik High future activities !!


Make sure to follow Epik High activities by following their member Instagram : @Blobyblo ,@Realtukutz & @realmithrajin . Don’t forget also to follow their Youtube Channel where they post a lot of fun content !! They gonna be really busy soon !!

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