PVO Kokamoe Freestyle | Liquor , Sleepy & JD Crew

Sleepy, Liquor & JD Form a new crew !!! It’s called PVO. Let’s look deeper into this crew and get to know each member while enjoy their debut track as a crew ‘Kokamoe Freestyle’.

PVO Kokamoe freestyle

PVO Kokamoe freestyle. PVO is an abbreviation of Positive Vibes Only, the crew that consist of Sleepy, Liquor & JD. They release a free first track ‘Kokamoe freestyle‘ (It didn’t get published to music sites but free to listen on youtube) as an introduction track.

You probably already know who Sleepy Is, a former member of Untouchable who rising recently as an TV entertainer. Liquor K.JR or simply Liquor first saw action when he do a featuring on Sleepy track back on 2017, he’s already release an single album EOY (Eyes On you) last year, 2018. There still not much information about JD (Just Do It), but we know his verse in this track is lit !!

PVO Kokamoe Freestyle Remix’ with Liquor, SLeepy & JD

Kokamoe Freestyle showcase more of LIquor & JD skill set rather than Sleepy who only sings the hook. The first part (0:00 – 0:48) is by Liquor while the 2nd part is by JD (1:11 – 2:02). The track us just 2 minutes long but from the small sample they really have a good chemistry going on even though they’re new. We can’t wait for PVO (Positive vibes only) to release their first official single !!

The three of them often hang out together & perform together. Liquor K.rj is alreadt featuring in Sleepy track ‘So What’. Liquor also recently featured in another Sleepy track Nuclear Insider’

Sleepy ‘So What‘ feat Bloo & Liquor K.JR MV

If you curious about the new Crew PVO (Positive vibes only) you can follow their member on Instagram : @Sleepysta , @liquor_k.jr & @JD_just_do_it . Also their official crew Instagram : @Pvomusic . We can’t wait for the crews & each member individual activities in the future !!

What do you think of the First track of PVO Kokamoe Freestyle ?? Let us know what you think in the comment section below !!