Loco Discography LIVE clip | Hit songs from Loco

Loco have to say farewell to us for the next 22 months. Before he leave, AOMG release a Loco Discography of Loco hit songs. From when he debut with AOMG till his latest song from ‘Hello’ EP.

Loco discography

Loco Discography, a LIVE clip by AOMG as a reminder to hit songs that Loco made over past years. Loco is already a powerhouse when he just debut at AOMG, where his track constantly top the charts whenever he release new single/album. Let’s learn more about the history of Loco hit songs while we waiting for Loco to finish his mandatory military service.

Loco Discography LIVE

Hold Me Tight : Loco debut song with AOMG. Loco just sign with AOMG after being helped by Jay Park to escape his former agency. ‘Hold Me Tight’ feature Crush top the charts when it release, and Loco already pay back all the money he owe to Jay Park from his first single.

You Don’t Know : Title track of Loco debut EP ‘Locomotive’. This track also top the charts, even though it’s the only track in the Locomotive EP which doesn’t have any featuring’s from more known artist. “This song about you you you you you but you don’t know” ~

Respect : Respect yourselves !! The song is actually Loco SMTM 1 track that re-released again on SMTM 4 as track mission for his team (Sik-k, Lil Boi, Geegooin & Dayday). Both of the track (SMTM 4 Track & Loco version) goes high on Korea music chart when it released.

Still : One of the most famous track from Loco 1st album ‘Bleached’. This track is just like a Loco biography, how he starts from nothing, remember all the fans that always supporting him in the front row, until he become bigger star & got new fans. A lot changes since he debut but there something who always still in Loco hearts.

Too Much : Once again Loco top the charts. The title track fo Loco ‘Bleached’ album is featuring another powerhouse DEAN. This collaboration is one of the best thing that ever happen.

Don’t Give it To Me : The songs that rule the charts on 2018. Loco track with Hwasa of Mamamoo start from a project on KBS TV show ‘Hyenas on the Keyboard‘. This song also win award on Melon Music award where Loco, Hwasa & producer Woogie win Best Hot Trends Award 2018.

It Takes Time : Loco song with Colde is a breathtaking one. ‘It Takes time‘ . Loco is trying new stuff and broadening his music horizon by collaborating with Producer APRO & Colde who have a distinct music style than what Loco used to release in the past.

It’s been a while : Loco song before he say goodbye to serve his mandatory military service.

Loco discography


Don’t forget to Follow Loco activities on his Instagram (who knows he could be on vacation !) : @SatgotLoco  His Agency AOMG : @Aomgofficial & Also his dog Instagram ; @hello_latte .

Loco may have left us for a while to serve his mandatory military service. But let’s listen to Loco discography while we wait for him to come back ~.