Seo Samuel I hate holidays | It’s nothing special

I hate holidays. Why do you hate Holiday Samseo ?? Let’s Check out Samseo new single which tell a story of someone who doesnt want to feel special

Seo Samuel I Hate holiday

Seo Samuel I Hate holidays. Seo Samuel have been active on 2018, he release his Unity Album while also appear on Breakers. MNET Survival show about singer-songwriter  Seo Samuel is not only limited to singing & songwriting, he also produce & arrange his own music. TMI Seo samuel start as a rapper when he debut.

Seo Samuel I Hate Holidays MV

This track were made by Seo Samuel & Ahmin last year on 2018. Beside singing the track, Seo Samuel also participated in writing the lyrics, producing the track, arrange & mixing for ‘I Hate holidays’. Seo Samuel tell a story about feeling not special on holiday when everyone else does, the piano accompaniment by ahmin with a subtle city noise background enhance the lyrics of ‘I hate Holidays’

Seo Samuel I Hate holidays lyrics

“I just hate holidays
They make me feel lost in nowhere
I just hate holidays
They make me belong to nowhere
Holidays x3
I don’t want to”

Seo Samuel Unplugged listening Session

Seo Samuel also gonna held an Unplugged listening event to commemorate the release of this single. The session will be held on 2nd of March 2018. It’s must be so nice listening to Unplugged version of Seo Samuel tracks.


Another track that i recommend from Seo Samuel is his track when he compete on MNET survival show ‘Breakers’ alongside Penomeco, Jooyoung, Hui of Pentagon, MIA, Colde, Ovan & Cha JIhye. This song is about Seo Samuel past, having a hard time but singing & making music with his piano  helping him go through the hard times.

‘Sing sing‘ by Seo Samuel on Breakers

If you curious about Seo Samuel activities, you can follow him on Instagram : @lastnameseo , don’t forget also to follow his friend @ahmin.Keyboard . We can;t wait for more future music activities from Seo Samuel !!


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What do you think of Seo Samuel latest track ‘I Hate Holidays’ . Can you relate with the title & lyrics of the songs ?? let us know below !!