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Back to the basic; tight rap and poetic lyrics with story. Olltii has proven to us that he’s no longer that teenage boy from suburb, but now a grown-up with mature thoughts and vision with Olltii Obvious Money Talk.

olltii obvious money talk

Olltii Obvious Money talk. Finally a comeback with a full-length album after 4 years with Obvious Money Talk . He works with several producers, including the rising star “Code Kunst“, and also his long mate “gJ”. Consisted of 8 tracks, the songs on this LP expressed a wide range of emotions, but the most obvious is Determination.

Olltii Obivous Money Talk Tracklist:

  1. Money (prod. by CodeKunst)
  2. Receipt (prod. by Yosi)
  3. New Kicks (prod. by Yosi)
  4. No New Friends (prod. by Nuol)
  5. It’s On Me (prod. by Kimparkchella)
  6. LTNS (prod. by gJ)
  7. Raining On the Gold feat Yelloasis (prod. by Humbert)
  8. Piggy-bank (prod. by Humbert)

Executive Producer: forceway
Co-Producer: KDH
Mixed & Mastered by Nahzam Sue (Wormwood Hill Studio)
Cover Art: Lee Jung Heon

source: ascf_ansan

Inapparent from the album title, the songs are not merely about the money. Through his raps, Olltii would brings us to walk down the rough path he was on before. He took us back to the memories of his childhood and the Show Me The Money Era, and it gave us a glimpse of what kind of adult he has grown to be.


Musically, I think he’s back to his basic; tight rap and clear pronunciation, which were well acknowledged nationwide when he appear multiple times on Show Me The Money. I think he was done shifting through the melodic style in Lessons in Love and Freelancer era. This is a good thing, as poetic lyrics presented with high-skilled rap is always his forte.

Olltii ‘Money’ prod Code Kunst MV

The way Olltii spits his rap a few milliseconds before the beat drops is one of his signature, and it’s a delight to finally have him does this again on the title song, Money. Another thing, is how LTNS have that candid conversation at the beginning of the song, which takes us back to the Graduation era, where some of the songs are started that way.


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