San E Eliminated from MBC kill Bill | 1st elimination

San E should be one of the strong contestant on MBC Kill Bill, yet his journey ends really soon. The episode just air for 2 weeks but San E won’t appear on TV anymore start from next Thursday. San E Eliminated.

San E Eliminated


San E Eliminated from MBC Kill Bill. He’s pedigree on survival show as a former SMTM 3 & 4 producer, former Unpretty rapstar host & former School Rapper 2 mentor. San E know-how of Survival show should be as much if not above other contestant, yet his journey on MBC ‘Kill Bill‘ is one disappointment after another.


Introduction Stage ‘I am not the Same’ (Mic Swagger 4 track)

Cheesy ?? Cringe worthy ?? San E performance  is fun but compared to other artist is really weak. Other contestant like Rhythm Power is taking risk by performing something really special, a grime track ‘Bangsaneung’. San E could go 1000 different directions in the 1st stage. A bad start….

1st Stage

San E stage intro

I still can’t get the logic behind the rap introduction. Dissing is fun when it’s on later stage (that’s why SMTM always high rating on diss battle) but not on the 1st episode, not on the 1st stage. As a viewer the episode just start and not every viewers is a khiphop followers and know other contestant past (I still don’t understand the point of the YDG one).


Wannabe Rapper

This is what the top 3 contestant perform : Rhythm Power perform ‘Horangnabi’ , Cheetah perform ‘Coma 07‘  & Dok2 perform ‘Beverly 1lls‘ . All the track is their best track that people really familiar with & some even top the charts when it released.

Meanwhile San E perform ‘Wannabe rapper‘ a track which have it’s controversy & not really do well in the market. He have many tracks in his disposal that top the charts. There so many great tracks from San E that people more familiar with and gonna bring him more votes.



San E  Eliminated. last position in the 1st stage.

San E Eliminated

San E score : 205 votes dead last position. Position 6 is YDG with 225 votes.  Just a reminder that the votes is by Audience who watch the shows in the stage. The 1st stage is pre recorded around October (before the release of the song ‘Feminist’ on November) so the viewers shouldn’t be affected much by the news yet .


Latest controversy.

San E also fell into another controversy when there’s a picture of a word  “i love molkka” (hidden Camera) appear on the stage. San E clarify by release the rehearsal video that show there’s a red cross on the controversial words. MBC editing team admit they didn’t do a good job of showing the correct footage. MBC official already made an official apology to San E & Viewers but the damage have been done.


San E been having a bad year to ends 2018. If you curious about San E activities on 2019 you can follow him on Instagram : @Sanethebigboy & youtube channel.  If you want to watch the episode you can watch it HERE



San E eliminated on MBC Kill Bill that . Only 6 left have a chance to work with world renown artist DJ Khaled and target the Billboard chart.