Kiggen Alcoholic | Starship X & Highline Collaboration

“HERE COMES KIGGEN” !! The signature sound that we used to hear is back, Kiggen release a new single title Alcoholic featuring Gyepy & Sukhoon. It’s also have cameo of Kiggen friends ~

Kiggen Alcoholic

Kiggen Alcoholic, a new single album from Kiggen. The title track with the same title Alcoholic feature Gyepy & Sukhoon from fellow family Highline entertainment (Both of the company is a subsidiary company of Starship).

In case you were wondering, Kiggen is not on Brand New Music anymore and already become a part of Starship X. On 24th of July 2018, Kiggen decide to sign with Starship X after part ways with Brand New Music on March 2018. The former Phantom band member is also known for his producing ability, already produce track for many musician including Shinhwa, Monsta X, Wannaone, Seventeen, Jung Sewoon and many more !!

Kiggen Alcoholic single album tracklist

  • Alcoholic feat Sukhoon & Gyepy
  • Soju Bomb
  • Wasted

All the track inside Alcoholic single album is self produced, composed, & arranged by Kiggen. Kiggen said thathe make the songs when he’s not sober, is it though ?? Cause the all the songs sounds so good !

Kiggen Alcoholic MV feat Sukhoon & Gyepy

Do you notice Familiar face ?? Yup, Kiggen friends is making a cameo on the MV there’s Hanhae, Verbal Jint, Rick Bridges, Sukhoon/ Byung Un & Min. ‘Alcoholic‘ have so many elements that depict a feelings when someone drink their sorrow with alcohol. The track use different kinds of instrument element that jumps from one to another. It’s basically like drinking, it;s all over the place yet somehow it’s beautiful.

Throwback of Kiggen track ‘Cloudy’ feature Solar of Mamamoo

If you curious about Kiggen activities, you can follow him on Instagram :@Kiggen7 & his agency Starship X @OfficialStarshipX  We can’t wait for Kiggen future activities on 2019 !!


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What do you think of Kiggen new track ?? Let’s support Kiggen future activities with his new family !!