The Quiett Remix album | Q Day Remix !!

Imagine your favorite The Quiett song being remixed with new upcoming artist, or perhaps The Quiett featuring in your favorite artist ?? It actually happened !! The Quiett release Q Day remix which include both !!

The Quiett Remix

The Quiett Remix Album, Q Day Remix ~. Not stopping after Glow Forever Album, become SMTM 777 producer & School Rapper 3 Mentor, The Quiett keep dropping one project after another. Q Day remix is the latest project from The Quiett. Let’s check out the remix version of the original hit track, it surely give different vibes ~

The Quiett Remix remix album Q Day remix tracklist

  • Orange feat The Quiett & Kid Milli (Original pH-1)
  • Han Gang Gang feat Coogie, Superbee, Zene The Zilla & Jang Sukhoon (Original The Quiett)
  • f**k all that sh** feat Futuristic Swaver, Ash Island & BRADYSTREET (Original The Quiett)
  • Money over B****** feat SIk-k, Superbee & Changmo  (Original the Quiett)
  • Wanna feat The Quiett (Original LeellaMarz)
  • Gui Gam feat Swings, Paloalto & Zene The Zilla (Original The Quiett)
  • Prime Time feat ODEE, Changmo, Hash Swan & Dok2


Q Day Remix audio preview

There’s 7 track inside The Quiett ‘Q Day’ remix, which also feature 17 new artist that not included in the Original tracks. This is really a grand project, unless when you compare it to GRAY 119 Remix with 51 rappers.


Orange‘ Remix with The Quiett & Kid Milli

“This song still in my playlist, imma make it more famous” . The Quiett able to transform one of the most popular track of SMTM 777 into something new. Kid Milli verse is no joke also, i’m pretty sure if team CoPal use this track instead of ‘Good Day’ for team mission, its still gonna top the charts, the beat is just that catchy. Shoutout to Cokun !!



Prime Time Remix feat ODEE, Changmo, Hash Swan & Dok2

Now this is something. I always thought ‘Prime time‘ is the perfect track for a cypher and it finally becomes one. Each rapper have really different style, it make this track so fun to listen to. Now i’m curious how other rapper gonna look


The Quiett still have many projects coming up next on 2019. For now, you can follow his activities on his Instagram : @Thequiett & @1llionaire_records  


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What do you think of The Quiett Remix album ?? Which Track & which verse is your favorite ?? let us know below !!